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Pan-Am / Worlds No-Gi Training Camp!

Samir Chante & Augusto Queixinho

No Gi Camp!


We are excited to invite you to our 2nd annual Pan American No GI BJJ Camp open to all levels.

September 22nd – 25th


The No Gi BJJ camp was created to provide you the highest quality Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction from top level BJJ champions.  Samir, Queixinho, Vicente Jr, and all our black belts promise to provide a unique and productive training experience to students of all levels, white belt to black belt.  

Come sharpen your skills, meet friends, new training partners and make memories to last a lifetime.

Here is a quick look at last years camp including interviews from Osvaldo Queixinho, and Samir Chantre.


Camp Choices

The No Gi BJJ camp offers 3 unique classes per day (Drilling session, Drills & Specific training, Technique & Rolling session), and access to all the regularly scheduled Conquest classes. There will be many black belts training in the camp including Osvaldo Queixinho, Samir Chantre, Vicente Jr., Lance Trippett, Kail Bosque and “Super” Dave Zennario among others.


samir no gi

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from the best and be part of this epic event!


Daily Schedule


Monday Sept 22nd 

12:00pm   Drilling

3:00pm      Drills & Specific training for tournaments

8:30pm      Technique & rolling

Tuesday and Wednesday Sept 23rd-24th

12:00pm   Drilling

3:00pm      Drills & Specific training for tournaments

8:00pm      Technique & rolling

Thursday Sept 25th

12:00pm     Training session

7:00pm       Seminar


Training and seminar packages


You can purchase passes for different lengths of time, the prices are as follows:

One day: $75

Seminar only: $75

Full Camp with Seminar: $129

Camp Choices

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Great Scissor Sweep with escape Drill

I had to spend countless hours, above and beyond the basic time, to try and perfect the fundamentals.

Just as Julius Erving shot thousands of basket balls, you will need to drill this basic sweep thousands of times to master it . The scissor sweep and technical escape are two very basic but also very effective techniques.

In this video we will link both techniques together to work a sweet partner drill. Professor Kail Bosque and I will show the way we like to teach both of these movements and how we put them together to drill in a very effective way.

Time is always an issue for us. By linking two or three techniques together like we did here and in the triple guard attack, we are not only drilling, but we are drilling with no wasted movements.

Drilling is the key, so just do it.

Talk to you soon, and please share this.

Professor, Lance Trippett

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