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Double Under hook Passing Drill from Vicente Jr

I was looking at some old videos and I came across this great double under hook passing drill from Vicente Jr . It’s a very short video, so make sure to take a look.

World Champion Vicente Jr teaches a great pressure passing drill from the double under hook position. He uses a combination of pressure, speed, and directional changes to make this work.  make sure to try this out the next time your on the mats.

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Vicente Jr shows a nice triangle choke set-up

Vicente Jr, Kail Bosque, and Lance Trippett at Pan Ams in 2010
Pa Ams 2010

World Champion and 5X Pan Am champion Vicente Jr (VJ) is one of my best friends, business partner, and also my BJJ Professor. I started training under him as a Purple belt but, (I might as well have been a white belt) I was not very good and most of what I did know was wrong. Once I stared training under him, he started to fix my bad habits and teach me the proper way to train, learn, teach and compete. I’m very lucky to have a professor that is as good as he is, but I’m even more lucky to have him as friend and mentor.

This was a drill we did last week in our Conquest competition team training. It show the correct way to get from a closed guard to spider guard and ends with a nice triangle choke.

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Are you looking for a 3 in 1 open guard passing drill?

Vicente Jr and I are always working on new drills and this is one of our NEW favorites. We love the way it flows, and the idea, of working 3 different passes from the same starting position. When you approach a technique this way, it gives your mind and body a few different options, but you will always gravitate toward the one that woks the best for the situation, and your body.

Take a look and let me know what you think!

If you ever have a question or want to see a drill or technique for something please send me an email with your request to info@bestbjjdrills.com

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Help, I can’t pass anyone’s Spider Guard!

Fights, Fights, and more Fights!! I have another big weekend full of fights. One of my Pro MMA fighters Rob Watley will be fighting MMA in Atlantic City at the Borgata, plus Vicente Jr. and a lot of the Conquest Competition Team will be going to the IBJJF New York Open.  So needless to say we will be very busy this weekend.

2 spider guard drills
2 spider guard drills

Now that I’m back posting each week, I have been getting all kinds of questions… most are related to passing the Spider Guard. Here is a question that I got last week.

“Help, I can’t pass anyones Spider Guard! Every time I get caught up in someones spider guard, I get swept or submitted. Breaking their grips is impossible. PLEASE HELP!!” Tom M.

Tom, I’m here to save the day (lol) I asked 4th degree De La Riva Black Belt Vicente Jr to help me out. In this video we will teach you how to break the grips and pass the normal spider guard and the leg lasso spider guard ending in a fancy leg drag position.

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BJJ Head Control Drills

As a follow up to my post a few weeks back, “Call Me the Head Hunter” , I was asked to post some examples of how to control my opponents head and how it helps. With so many questions, I asked my training partner Kail Bosque to help me shoot a quick video of some of the drills we use. In this we will show how to Stop someone from passing your guard and how by using the correct head control you can get one of my favorite passes.

By the way, I love getting feed back, so shoot me an email or leave me a comment, if you have and questions or just to say HELLO.


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Standing Guard Passing Drills!

“I sure do!”

That was my answer to James when he asked on the FaceBook pageDo you have a set of drills that would help someone become a better guard passer from standing?”  

When you are working your standing guard passes, you need it to be an exact science, meaning, when the opening is there you must explode and move. You can’t hesitate, you can’t stumble, and most of all you can’t be thinking about what’s your next move. When you hesitate or think, you give your opponent that moment they need to recover their guard or counter your attempts to pass. 

So how do we do that?   DRILLING! DRILLING!! DRILLING!!!

Every class we do some kind of drilling, a lot of the time we will have special drilling only classes. By drilling the way we do ,anytime I find myself in one of my drilling positions my body just moves, no thinking just moving. The higher the belt rank the less time you have to react, this only leaves you with one thing to do MOVE! In this Video Vicente Junior and I will show you two standing guard passes that we drill at least 300 times a week. This is how you must train if you want to get the most from your mat time.

After the video please leave me a comment and share the blog. I love to hear what you think good or bad. I’m not only looking to be better at BJJ. I want to give you the best information and thoughts I can.

I hope you enjoy!

Lance Tippett

Drilling is the key, so just do it!

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