Standing Guard Passing Drills!

“I sure do!”

That was my answer to James when he asked on the FaceBook pageDo you have a set of drills that would help someone become a better guard passer from standing?”  

When you are working your standing guard passes, you need it to be an exact science, meaning, when the opening is there you must explode and move. You can’t hesitate, you can’t stumble, and most of all you can’t be thinking about what’s your next move. When you hesitate or think, you give your opponent that moment they need to recover their guard or counter your attempts to pass. 

So how do we do that?   DRILLING! DRILLING!! DRILLING!!!

Every class we do some kind of drilling, a lot of the time we will have special drilling only classes. By drilling the way we do ,anytime I find myself in one of my drilling positions my body just moves, no thinking just moving. The higher the belt rank the less time you have to react, this only leaves you with one thing to do MOVE! In this Video Vicente Junior and I will show you two standing guard passes that we drill at least 300 times a week. This is how you must train if you want to get the most from your mat time.

After the video please leave me a comment and share the blog. I love to hear what you think good or bad. I’m not only looking to be better at BJJ. I want to give you the best information and thoughts I can.

I hope you enjoy!

Lance Tippett

Drilling is the key, so just do it!

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