Never Get Smashed in Side Control Again!

Do you want to keep Bigger, Stronger & Higher Ranked people from smashing you in side control?  Then this FREE, 14 Day Program is exactly what you need.


Like most of you, I love to learn to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The problem is when you start training and you can’t keep people out of side control, YOU’RE IN TROUBLE. The thrill of pulling off a new move is no match for the feeling of be Smashed by someone in side control. The pressure can be so intense that I have seen many people “TAP OUT” just from someone holding them down. Plus, if they are also new to BJJ , most of the time they don’t know many submissions or transitions, so they just hold and SQUEEZE. If you have ever been there and I’m sure you have, you know the helpless feeling I’m talking about.

However, like a lot of you, I am not one that runs from a challenge. I didn’t come from a wrestling background and I didn’t start BJJ until later in life. I’ve had to work hard to earn whatever progress I’ve gained on the mats and I can say that it all starts with being able to move well. Moving well comes from drilling and muscle memory. This is where my break through system of drilling comes into play.

I may be a BJJ Black Belt, but I started where you are – getting smashed day after day until I figured out a way to STOP THE PAIN.  This is why I started this site and why I’m giving away, FREE, my 14 day “Never Get Smashed In Side Control Again” program. Most people need and want a step by step program and thats what I have designed with my training partners. I’ve seen that people get lost in the barrage of techniques that they learn from class, Youtube, books, and magazines, so, I cut out the B.S. and gave you my go to position when I’m in side control trouble.


This Program will explain…

Change your mindset:  Don’t ever give up or rest when someone passes your guard ….

-Understanding the “Frame” :   I will show you how to frame to keep the weight off and your position strong.

-Don’t give up, but stop fighting a losing battle: Learn when to fight and when to move to your next safe zone.

Plus much more….

In addition to the above principles, I will give you all the drills and techniques you need to “Never Get Smashed In Side Control Again.”

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This is not a fly by night or the flavor of the month drilling site; I am teaching you drills and techniques that are tried and true. These drills I have battle-tested and they continue to work year after year at the Black Belt level. My program has underlying principles and mechanics that makes it work. The best way to find out why a technique works so well is to break it down step by step and understand it’s core Principles – that’s what this 14 day program will do for you! This program has been designed for you to progress into three main drill ideas.

Isolation or static drilling:    Static drilling, also known as “let your partner do this,” is simply performing a movement over and over on your partner who does not move at all.

Live reps:    This is when you’re drilling a technique and you tell your partner, “move this way or move that way.” Your partner is not resisting, but only reacting to your technique.

Progressive drilling:   This progression starts slow and slowly speeds up to full resistance. An example is if it starts at 0% resistance, which is static and slowly moves to 25%, 50%, 75% and finally full resistance, which means your partner will react and move at real time, but stay within the parameters of the drills. In addition to the above principles, I will give you all the drills and techniques needed to “Never Get Smashed In Side Control Again.”

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