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Double Under hook Passing Drill from Vicente Jr

I was looking at some old videos and I came across this great double under hook passing drill from Vicente Jr . It’s a very short video, so make sure to take a look.

World Champion Vicente Jr teaches a great pressure passing drill from the double under hook position. He uses a combination of pressure, speed, and directional changes to make this work.  make sure to try this out the next time your on the mats.

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Pan-Am / Worlds No-Gi Training Camp!

Samir Chante & Augusto Queixinho

No Gi Camp!


We are excited to invite you to our 2nd annual Pan American No GI BJJ Camp open to all levels.

September 22nd – 25th


The No Gi BJJ camp was created to provide you the highest quality Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction from top level BJJ champions.  Samir, Queixinho, Vicente Jr, and all our black belts promise to provide a unique and productive training experience to students of all levels, white belt to black belt.  

Come sharpen your skills, meet friends, new training partners and make memories to last a lifetime.

Here is a quick look at last years camp including interviews from Osvaldo Queixinho, and Samir Chantre.


Camp Choices

The No Gi BJJ camp offers 3 unique classes per day (Drilling session, Drills & Specific training, Technique & Rolling session), and access to all the regularly scheduled Conquest classes. There will be many black belts training in the camp including Osvaldo Queixinho, Samir Chantre, Vicente Jr., Lance Trippett, Kail Bosque and “Super” Dave Zennario among others.


samir no gi

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from the best and be part of this epic event!


Daily Schedule


Monday Sept 22nd 

12:00pm   Drilling

3:00pm      Drills & Specific training for tournaments

8:30pm      Technique & rolling

Tuesday and Wednesday Sept 23rd-24th

12:00pm   Drilling

3:00pm      Drills & Specific training for tournaments

8:00pm      Technique & rolling

Thursday Sept 25th

12:00pm     Training session

7:00pm       Seminar


Training and seminar packages


You can purchase passes for different lengths of time, the prices are as follows:

One day: $75

Seminar only: $75

Full Camp with Seminar: $129

Camp Choices

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BJJ Head Control Drills

As a follow up to my post a few weeks back, “Call Me the Head Hunter” , I was asked to post some examples of how to control my opponents head and how it helps. With so many questions, I asked my training partner Kail Bosque to help me shoot a quick video of some of the drills we use. In this we will show how to Stop someone from passing your guard and how by using the correct head control you can get one of my favorite passes.

By the way, I love getting feed back, so shoot me an email or leave me a comment, if you have and questions or just to say HELLO.


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Want some help for your De La Riva Guard?

As many of you know I received my Black Belt from Vicente Jr. who is a direct student of Master De La Riva (DLR) . So needless to say we use the De La Riva Guard a lot at our La Riva Logo

The De La Riva guard is a great answer to people opening your closed guard. You can still control the movements of your opponent with this open guard, as long as you use the correct control points. You will need to have a 3 point control system. These 3 points are usually, but not limited to, the DLR hook on the leg with both sleeve grips, the DLR hook with one sleeve grip and an ankle grip on the same side as your hook, the DLR hook with one sleeve grip and a collar grip, or the DLR hook with one sleeve grip and a belt grip. You can have different grip sets but you will always want to have the 3 point control system in mind when playing this guard.

Below is are two DLR drills that we use a lot. The first, is a two sleeve entry set up drill. This drill will help you move your hips correctly and learn to control the opponents leg with the DLR hook. The next drill is a DLR sweep set up drill, this will teach you you sit up with the correct posture and make it easier for you to control your opponents posture with the grips. As with all these drills you must DRILL THEM! Even if you grab someone for just 5 mins at the start or end of each class you should be able to knock out 10 to 20 good reps. with ease.


“Drilling Is The Key, So Just Do It!”


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BJJ Guard, Triple Attack Drill

In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu your transitions should be smooth and effortless. The key is for you to feel safe and in control when your are attacking. I put together a video of a triple attack transition drill that Vicente Junior showed me a few years ago.  I still use this drill regularly in my training and when I’m teaching. When you first start training BJJ your moves will be very one dimensional. If you attempt a sweep or submission and it fails you start over. Soon you will start linking or chaining your attacks together, if your first submission fails you will have one or two more options to keep attacking with. The drill that Kail Bosque and I show here, is just one of the transition drills that we teach our students. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of it.

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Basic Kimura Drill

At BJJ Conquest we start every class with some running, push-ups, sit-ups, and DRILLING! One of the most common drills we use is the Basic Kimura drill. We like this drill because it produces great muscle memory for the Kimura. While giving our core the strength we needed sit up break our opponents posture, and set up sweeps. You will use this closed guard sit-up movement over and over again in Jiu Jitsu. Check out the Video below and me know what you think.

We have our new students do this around 20-25. When their bodies get use to the Kmiura sit-up movements we will have them do 50-100 depending on what other drills we are doing that night.

One more very important thing to remember when drilling. When you drill for technique you must do every one perfect and I mean PERFECT! We are producing muscle memory so do it correct every time. I will make a separate post on drilling for technique and drilling for endurance and cardio.

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