Basic Kimura Drill

At BJJ Conquest we start every class with some running, push-ups, sit-ups, and DRILLING! One of the most common drills we use is the Basic Kimura drill. We like this drill because it produces great muscle memory for the Kimura. While giving our core the strength we needed sit up break our opponents posture, and set up sweeps. You will use this closed guard sit-up movement over and over again in Jiu Jitsu. Check out the Video below and me know what you think.

We have our new students do this around 20-25. When their bodies get use to the Kmiura sit-up movements we will have them do 50-100 depending on what other drills we are doing that night.

One more very important thing to remember when drilling. When you drill for technique you must do every one perfect and I mean PERFECT! We are producing muscle memory so do it correct every time. I will make a separate post on drilling for technique and drilling for endurance and cardio.

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